Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa

Sala Guirau

XXIX Grandes del Góspel

From 29 November to 10 December

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Gospel Greats returns yet again to the Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa, gospel’s home from home in Madrid, with a line-up that includes the Harlem Gospel Choir, the world-famous choir from New York whose current European tour is dedicated to the great singer Whitney Houston, as well as two in-house productions: a tribute to a city and another to a musical legend with deep roots in gospel.

The Streets Of New Orleans by The New Orleans Gospel Stars recreates the old hymns of the deep south of the United States and gives visibility to New Orleans’ iconic Funeral Jazz, which has its origins in the spirituals sung by congregations in churches.

The Chicago Mass Choir presents B.B. King Spiritual, in which it revisits the pure gospel music that the blues legend recorded in 1959 for his B.B. King Sings Spirituals album, bringing the old songs of the past back to the stages of today, with all their fire and beauty still well and truly intact.

The Joshua Nelson Gospel Singers will perform Gospel4Kids, a concert dedicated to our youngest fans, and the Soul Connection Gospel Choir will bring the Gospel Greats festival to a close with a rousing Oh Madrid Happy Day!! With some very special guests, Steven Ford & The Ford Singers.


Luis Manjarrés

Artistic Director of the Festival



29/11, 30/11, 01/12 and 02/12, 8pm- Harlem Gospel Choir – 60 Years of Whitney Houston

02/12 and 03/12, 5:30pm- Joshua Nelson Gospel Singers – Gospel4kids

3/12, 05/12 and 06/12, 8pm- Chicago Mass Choir – B.B. King Spiritual

07/12, 08/12, 09/12 and 10/12, 8pm-The New Orleans Gospel Stars – The Streets of New Orleans

10/12, 5.30pm-Amos & The Soul’s Connection – Oh Madrid Happy Day!!


Ron Lalá 4 X 4

From 14 December to 14 January

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Ron Lalá 4 x 4. The Ron Lalá company has been going strong in the theatre world for almost three decades, a veritable all-rounder. Ron Lalá 4 x 4 is their latest all-terrain show. An old-school company. Stable and repertoire-based. A dream that was born in a school playground and then fulfilled in diversity. We have taken our shows to theatres, hotels and countries all over the world. We have believed in the dream and we have carried it forward. Over the years, so many people, including lots of young people, have asked us where they can see the works we have had to leave out of our productions as the years went by. Which is why we came up with the idea of putting on 4 x 4. In other words, the first four shows, but all rolled into one. My Mystery of the Interior (Mi Misterio del Interior), World and End (Mundo y Final), Time al Tiempo and Golden Age, Age of Now (Siglo de Oro, siglo de ahora). To embark on our own journey and to travel it once again, decades later. To speak the lines, we spoke in our youth from the perspective of our maturity. To pit that humour against the world of today, a world in which it seems that we can’t laugh anymore and actually really shouldn’t. To feel free to go back along the path we’ve already taken and to understand that we wouldn't be what we are today without it, because, in the end, that's what the journey is all about. Behind Ron Lalá 4 x 4 there are millions of miles on the road, so many people who have come and gone in the company—actors, technicians, set designers—all of whom have left their mark, for which we are so grateful. And there are triumphs and defeats, times we got it right; times we got it wrong. We just hope that 4 x 4 is more than sixteen. 4 x 4 is four shows in one, and the whole should definitely be greater than the sum of the parts. The journey begins. Welcome!

Yayo Cáceres


Cast: Juan Cañas, Miguel Magdalena, Diego Morales, Luis Retana, Daniel Rovalher

Dramaturgy and text: Álvaro Tato

Direction: Yayo Cáceres

Collective Creation: Ron Lalá


Sala Jardiel Poncela

El grito del cardo

From 1 to 17 December

Tuesdays to Saturdays, 8:30pm. Sundays, 7:30pm.

I remember the first day we met after the confinement as a great birth. I remember how eager we were to finally hear the voice of a Mariana, so anxious to enter the world through a body that burst forth with the strength of one who lives in chains. It was a natural birth, without anaesthesia, so that her pain would be the definitive proof of the magnitude of what was at stake. There was no turning back, it was a matter of time and words before a thistle would grow.

It arrived with a thirst for poetic justice and a very clear message: our identity is built on memory. A creative anomaly was the genesis of an extraordinary process in which all the pieces fell into place quite naturally. There was no alternative but to give voice, music and body to this thistle that, in the midst of so much death, gave us hope. Sandra Jiménez


Dramaturgy: Sandra Jiménez

Direction and interpretation:  Inma González

Original music: Luis Miguel Lucas

Special collaboration: Carmen Linares

Production: Trajín Teatro


Navidad en la Villa

From 22 December to 4 January

(no performances on 24 and 31 December)

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Christmas returns to the Fernán Gómez once again this year. And as is the case every year, our programme is dedicated to children and families. During the festive season, the Jardiel Poncela Room will welcome a carefully chosen selection of shows from different parts of Spain, for all ages and tastes.

The fun begins with Superhero, a mask and puppet show brought to us by the company from La Rioja, El perro azul.  Written for boys and girls aged 6 and over, Superhero tells us that we all have hidden powers because, even though we may not realise it, we all have a superhero inside us. This show won the European Performing Arts Fair for Children FETEN award for its wonderful combination of bodies and masks.

Continuing our collaboration with the Almagro International Classical Theatre Festival, this year we will also be able to enjoy a show that won the “Children’s Baroque” competition. On this occasion, Don Miguel de Cervantes returns for the second year running, as this year’s prize went to Don Quixote The Nomad, a delightful show by the Seville-based company bricAbrac which, based on the novel about the ingenious nobleman, will leave us open-mouthed at the way it mixes puppets with live cinema and the traditional with new technologies.

And to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, the Basque company Gorakada, one of the most historical and reference companies in the world of children’s theatre, will present The Man who Planted Trees, a beautiful and moving story that is a veritable ode to nature, friendship and peace, presented by Gorakada with the impeccable production to which we have become accustomed. The Man who Planted Trees received the European Performing Arts Fair for Children FETEN award for best playwriting.

Laila Ripoll. Artistic Director Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa



SUPERHERO by El Perro Azul Teatro:  22 December, 6pm; 23 December 6 and 7:30pm

DON QUIJOTE NÓMADA by bricAbrac Teatro: 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 December, 6pm

EL HOMBRE QUE PLANTABA ÁRBOLES by Teatro Gorakada: 2, 3 and 4 January, 6pm


Sala de Exposiciones



Until 14 January Tuesdays to Sundays, from 10am to 9pm

5 January: open from 10am to 2pm.

6 January: open from 4 to 9pm.

24, 25, 25 December and 1 January: closed.

Accessibility: access for people with reduced mobility via the entrance on Paseo de la Castellana, on the corner of Calle Goya.

Photographer Sebastião Salgado presents an exhibition designed to show the beauty and raise awareness of the fragility of the planet's most important ecosystem. The great master of photography, Sebastião Salgado, winner of the 1998 Prince of Asturias award, has captured the grandeur of nature and its relationship with the indigenous communities that live in remote areas of the rainforest.

Amazônia is an experience that immerses the visitor in the depths of the Amazon rainforest. Sebastião Salgado spent seven years living with twelve indigenous communities in the Amazon to demonstrate the urgent need to preserve the planet.

The result is an immersive and multi-sensory experience that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the exuberance and sounds of the forest. More than two hundred large format photographs, seven films, a soundtrack specially composed by the musician Jean-Michel Jarre and an atmosphere enhanced by the natural sounds of the Amazon, recorded by the Ethnographic Museum of Geneva, make up this work by one of the most important photographers of our time. A unique opportunity to travel through art.

Curated by Lélia Wanick Salgado, this exhibition has attracted more than 1.4 million visitors in Paris, Rome, London, Los Angeles, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

To avoid having to wait at the ticket office, we recommend that you buy your tickets online.

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Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa


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