Christmas and Madrid are a state of mind, of conviviality and hope, when everything we desire suddenly seems to be within our reach. It is a time for making wishes, for leaving darkness behind, and, in these turbulent times, for coming together to light the flame of solidarity and generosity from the bottom of our hearts.

The people of Madrid are both warm and exemplary. Their fortitude and loyalty in hard times have been proven on countless occasions. And at this special time of year those great values are more necessary than ever to provide shelter for the most disadvantaged and, especially, for the most vulnerable: children.

Madrid Council works very hard and with the greatest enthusiasm to ensure that every single resident and visitor has the opportunity to enjoy this season’s special programme of activities: from the nativity scene by the master sculptor Salzillo, which can be admired in the home of Madrileños, the City Hall, to a fantastic calendar of events featuring concerts, theatrical representations, musicals and circuses to fill our days and nights with magic. And none is more magical than the Twelfth Night of Christmas when the three kings of Orient reach our city and parade through the streets.

Renewal and new resolutions are genuine intentions at this time of year. People thrive on wishes and hope. So let us strive to wish and work for the wellbeing of those most in need, not only at Christmas but all year round.

The city of Madrid is supportive and loyal, generous and friendly, as it has demonstrated on many occasions throughout history, and it will retain that fraternal spirit even in the face of difficulties.

Christmas encourages us to be better people; but let’s be better always. With this mind, I wish you all, residents and visitors alike, a very happy Christmas and a new year that brings peace, work and personal satisfaction.

Ana Botella
Mayor of Madrid