Zambombada de Madrid

Asociación Cultural Arrabel y otros

Zambombada de Madrid

Marimorena 2023


Route: Plaza de la Villa - Calle Mayor - Calle Santiago - Plaza Ramales - Plaza Oriente

This passacaglia or parade is made up of traditional “rondas” and “cuadrillas” (groups of wandering minstrels and dancers) from the city of Madrid, the surrounding Community and neighbouring Castilian provinces. All in all, more than two hundred musicians will join together to celebrate the arrival of Christmas and to leave the good citizens of Madrid all but deaf with their customary high-volume shenanigans. Participants: Algazara (Candeleda), Amigos de Navalcarnero association, Arrabel (Madrid), Asociación Charra en Madrid association, De Casta Soplona (Cadalso de los Vidrios), Escuela La Dulzaina de Aluche music school, Raíces de Cenicientos, Zambomberos: Coros y Danzas de Colmenar De Oreja choir and dance band.


17th of December

Accessibility type

For reasons beyond the control of the organisers and due to the large number of spectators at certain times during the event, the planned physical accessibility conditions may be modified.

The physical accessibility of the route will be determined by the accessibility of the public road.

Download the poster

The Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Madrid City Council facilitates the download of the official poster of the Madrid Christmas Programme 2023 campaign created by Polinho Trapalleiro.

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