Yerbabuena - La Casa Gitana

Zambomba flamenca-gitana

Yerbabuena - La Casa Gitana

The origins of what we know today as the Flamenco-Gypsy Zambomba can be traced back to the gatherings that used to take place in neighbours’ houses as night fell on Christmas Eve. Families would crowd around the central fire, sharing food and merriment, singing Christmas carols and popular flamenco songs together, accompanied by the musical instrument that gives its name to the festival: the gypsy zambomba (hand drum). This show presented by La Casa Gitana features a troupe of top-notch musicians and dancers set on reviving these traditional gypsy festivities.


30th of December

Accessibility type

For reasons beyond the control of the organisers and due to the large number of spectators at certain times during the event, the planned physical accessibility conditions may be modified.

The physical accessibility of the route will be determined by the accessibility of the public road.

Plaza de la Paja

Plaza de la Paja


Metro: Latina

Bus: 31, 50, 65

Distrito Centro

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