Visita de los Emisarios Reales a la Cuesta de Moyano

Visita de los Emisarios Reales a la Cuesta de Moyano

Here in Spain people give each other presents on the morning of 6 January, and more often than not, there’ll be a book or two under the Christmas tree. The Three Kings know that the imagination contained in fiction is a marvellous way to rekindle the enthusiasm that children bring to the festive season. That’s why they have decided to send their emissaries to the most literary place in Madrid. On 4 January, they will be strolling along the Cuesta de Moyano, talking to the booksellers and finding out which books the children of our city would really like to find beside their tree!


4th of January

Duration​: 120 minutes

Cuesta de Moyano


Place of employment information:


  • Metro: Estación del Arte (línea 1), Atocha-Renfe (Línea 1)
  • Bus: 001, 10, 14, 27, 34, 37, 45, C03, E1, 26, 32, 19
  • Cercanías Renfe: Atocha (líneas C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C8 y C10).
  • Bicimad: Estación 81 (Cuesta de Claudio Moyano) / estación 69 Puerta del Ángel Caido (Avenida de Alfonso XII, 54).
  • Aparcamiento: Sánchez Bustillo (37), calle Sánchez Bustillo

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