detalle de árbol de navidad, con bolas y tiras de espumillón de diferentes colores

San Clemente Romano Parish Church

No. 17 Calle de la Coalición

Christmas Concert

16 December, TIME

A classical music concert performed by an ensemble of professional musicians.


Marconi Social and Cultural Centre

No. 4 Entrance via Colonia Marconi

Activity for Children

5 January, TIME


Santa Petronila Social and Cultural Centre

No. 12 Calle Maria Martinez Oviol


Music Theatre for Children

Christmas in the Movies (Navidades de Película)

22 December, 6pm

A run through the most famous and best-loved children’s musicals that will whisk the general public (and not just the kids!) off to the golden sands of

Aladdin’s desert and to the fantastic magical land of Alice in Wonderland. A whole host of wonderful and magical stories await you! Be happy every second and bring out the child in all of us!


An Operatic Christmas (Navidades de Ópera)

29 December, 6pm

Nayeli and Lisandre became friends over the internet. They wanted to meet up in

person, but distance was a problem, because she lived in North America and he lived in South America. They agreed to meet in Venice, but it wasn’t going to be quite so simple and bucolic. Fate had prepared a series of trials that Nayeli and Lisandre had to overcome. Things get off to a bad start when a terrible storm forces their planes to change course and our adventurous couple find themselves at opposite ends of Europe.


Ágata Social and Cultural Centre

No. 2 Calle Doctor Martin Arévalo


Singing and Dancing at Christmas (Cantando y Bailando en Navidad)

15 December, 6pm


Christmas Carols with a Touch of Flamenco

29 December, 6pm



Musical strolls interpreting popular Spanish songs.

Ciudad de los Ángeles Park. 26 January, 12 noon

Paseo de Alberto Palacios. 26 December, 12 noon



Various routes through the main streets of the District

28, 29 and 30 December and 2, 3, and 4 January

Three rides in the morning and another three rides in the afternoon

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