Teatro Español

Sala Principal


La isla del aire

From 8 December to 14 January, 7pm

Price: From €6 to €22

In Menorca, a family of five women, led by old Mencía (the matriarch of the family), embark on a boat trip to the Island of Air. Mencía’s eldest granddaughter Helena has disappeared and her absence weighs heavily on the family’s mind. During this excursion, Mencía will force her daughters and granddaughters to face the truth and the secrets they are hiding.


Sala Margarita Xirgu 


El Silencio en Bodas de Sangre

From 21 December to 7 January, 7:30pm

Price: € 18

Planned and produced by VertebrART, an international independent arts organisation, this multidisciplinary play has been created by artists from Japan, China and Spain. The play uses different forms of expression, such as flamenco, acting, contemporary dance, live music and sound.

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Teatro Español


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  • Metro: Sevilla (línea 2), Sol (líneas 1, 2, 3)
  • Bus: 002, M1, SE712, 26, 32, 6
  • Bicimad: Estación 52 (Plaza Santa Ana, 10 / Estación 1 a y b (Puerta del Sol)
  • Renfe: Sol
  • Aparcamiento: Plaza de Santa Ana (77)

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