Navidad Castellana

Arrabel en concierto

Navidad Castellana

Founded more than forty years ago, the aim of the Arrabel Association is to recover, develop and disseminate traditional Castilian culture. For these shows, they have prepared a special repertoire of carols, aguinaldos, pastourelles, romances and traditional festive rounds from Madrid and other parts of Castile. As always, they pay the utmost respect to the origins of the music, the instruments and even the costumes.


22nd of December

Free admission until full capacity is reached

Accessibility type

Centro Cultural Puerta de Toledo (Centro)


Place of employment information:


  • Metro: Puerta de Toledo (línea 5).
  • Bus: 17, 41, 18, 23, 35, C03, C2, 148, SE712, 3, C1
  • Bicimad: Estación 45 (Glorieta Puerta de Toledo, 1)
  • Aparcamiento: Puerta Toledo (64), Glorieta Puerta Toledo con vuelta Capitán Salazar Martínez

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