Naves del Español en Matadero

Sala Fernando Arrabal 

Tan sólo el fin del mundo

From 29 November to 7 January, 7pm

Price: €20

Jean-Luc Lagarce wrote It’s Only the End of the World in Berlin in 1990. Shortly before, he had received the news that he was HIV-positive. At that time, the virus was not only the cause of a disease with a very high mortality rate, but also a stigma that left you branded. But it is not, however, a work of self-fiction. It’s not even a play about death, or certainly not only about death. The central element is family.

Sala Max Aub 


Las locuras por el veraneo

From 21 December to 28 January, 7:30pm

Price: €20

Goldoni is a master of the mechanics of comedy: two Don Juans in love with the same woman, two ladies who try to outdo each other in the latest fashions, servants who are completely dumbfounded and manage to get into a fine mess in the service of their masters, parents who haven't a clue what's going on and some friends who are a right bunch of scroungers complete the cast of characters of this amusing and elegant comedy.

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Naves Español en Matadero


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  • Metro: Legazpi (líneas 6, 3)
  • Bus: 148, 18, 6, 78, 62
  • Renfe: Embajadores
  • Bicimad: Estación 165 (Paseo Chopera, 14)

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