cuatro hombres y una mujer, algunos con gafas de sol de pasta de diferentes colores, ropas de diferentes colores, tirantes, cazadoras de cuero, todo con estética ochentera

El Torito Cultural Centre

No. 130 Avenida Moratalaz




Comics, The Conquest of Rock

7 December, 6pm

The Grupo Comics Company

A rock musical for the whole family. Driven from start to finish by a beat that never falters, it’s sure to have everybody up and dancing to the rhythm of ska and rock’n’roll! Happy rhythms that the parents accompanying their children will enjoy just as much as the kids themselves.

The Comics Group sets off in their spaceship to bring rock to all the children of the universe, visiting planets unknown to man. There’s only one planet they have yet to conquer: Planet Earth. But... Will they be able to conquer the inhabitants of this planet with their rock?

Recommended age: families


Oliverio Satisfecho

9 December, 6pm

Oliverio Satisfecho will surprise us with his magic show in which he combines humour and improvisation to the delight of young and old alike.

A show packed with amazing magic tricks and lots of laughter.

Recommended age: from 3 to 15 years of age


Las canciones de Chispa y Chispita

Musical performance

22 December, 6pm

The whole family will be singing along with these funny clowns.

Recommended age: children


A Fabulous Christmas (Una navidad de fábula)

23 December, 6pm

The Marimba Marionetas Company

Christmas is coming and Carol is getting oh so excited, but her friend Nico gets bored just hearing about it and refuses to help his friend put up the Christmas tree.

There are another two characters who don’t like Christmas either: Nonoel and his assistant Paco. They are setting up a group to put an end to Christmas and decides to take Nico with him, even though the boy doesn’t want to go.

Carol decides to find her friend and that rescuing him will be her best Christmas present.

But never fear! She won’t have to go alone! She will be helped by none other than the Christmas Wizard and the Wish Genie and someone else—you can’t even begin to imagine who!

Recommended for children over 3 years of age


The Magician’s Apprentice (El aprendiz de mago)

26 December, 6pm

Little magic games performed by the magician’s number one pupil.

Recommended for children over 6 years of age


The Carols of Tapita Tapón (Los villancicos de Tapita Tapón)

27 December, 6pm

What better way could there be to celebrate Christmas than with all these funny characters and the carols we all know and love.

Recommended for children over 3 years of age


Iván Santacruz

28 December, 6pm


A show totally adapted to the Christmas season. Full of lots of illusions, lots of magic, lots of fun, Christmas songs, Christmas musicals and Christmas magic...

All the essence and magic of IVÁN SANTACRUZ, but with a magical Christmas touch!

Recommended age: children and families




Dragon Rider (El jinete del dragón)

2 December, 12 noon

Synopsis: A young silver dragon joins a mountain spirit and an orphan boy on an adventure in the Himalayas to find the entrance to the heavens.

Directed by: Tomer Eshed

Genre: Animation

Recommended for children over 7 years of age


The Adams Family (La familia Adams)

9 December, 12 noon

Synopsis: The oddball Addams family is made up of the love-struck married couple Morticia and Gomez, their children Wednesday and Pugsley, Uncle Fester and Thing. They all live happily in a spooky New England mansion, but soon find themselves threatened by a corrupt lawyer who plots to bring ruin to the family and put them out on the street.

Directed by: Barry Sonnenfeld

Genre: Comedy

Recommended for children over 6 years of age


Mary Poppins Returns

22 December, 12 noon

Synopsis: Mary Poppins is the practically perfect nanny, whose extraordinary magical powers can turn a routine chore into an unforgettable, fantastic adventure. In this new sequel, she returns to help the next generation of the Banks family find the joy and magic missing from their lives in the wake of a tragic personal loss. The nanny won’t have to do it all on her own though, her friend Jack will be there too.

Directed by: Rob Marshall

Genre: Musical

Recommended for children over 6 years of age


The Secret Garden (El jardín secreto)

23 December, 12 noon

Synopsis: Mary Lennox is a little girl who was born in India to British parents. When they both die suddenly, Mary is sent to England to live with her uncle, Archibald Craven in the wilds of the Yorkshire Moors. There she begins to uncover family secrets, especially when she meets her sickly cousin who has been locked up in one of the mansion’s wings for years. Mary discovers a garden that the two children explore together, which helps them to heal the wounds they have had suffered in their short lives.

Directed by: Marc Munden

Genre: Drama

Recommended age: all audiences


Dreams S.A. Dreambuilders (Minna y el Mundo de los sueños)

26 December, 12 noon

Synopsis: When Minna’s father’s new girlfriend Helena and her daughter Jenny, with whom she doesn’t get along, move in, her life is turned upside down. One night, Minna discovers the world of dreams and the builders who create them. Minna begins to manipulate Jenny’s dreams but with terrible consequences—Jenny ends up trapped and can’t wake up. To save Jenny and her new family, Minna must venture into the dream world to confront the dreams she herself has created.

Directed by: Kim Hagen Jensen, Tonni Zinck

Genre: Animation

Recommended age: all audiences



27 December, 12 noon

Synopsis: “Smallfoot” adds a twist to the legend of Bigfoot when a young and clever Yeti stumbles across something he thought didn't exist: a human being. News of this “human” brings him fame and the chance to win the girl of his dreams. But it also sends shock waves through the simple community of Yetis, who begin to wonder what else might exist beyond their snow-covered village.

Directed by: Karey Kirkpatrick, Jason Reisig

Genre: Animation

Recommended age: all audiences


Raya and the Last Dragon (La Raya y el último dragón)

28 December, 12 noon

Synopsis: Once upon a time, humans and dragons lived together in perfect harmony in the fantastic world of Kumandra. But when the forces of evil threatened the land, the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity. Now, 500 years later, those same forces of evil have returned and Raya, a lone warrior, will have to find the last surviving legendary dragon to rebuild a world in ruins and reunite her people.

Directed by: Don Hall, Carlos López Estrada, Paul Briggs, John Ripa

Genre: Animation, Action and Adventure

Recommended for children over 8 years of age





4 December, 12 noon

The Markeline Company

Alone on his lonely island, which smells of the sea and the marine world, Crusoe watches time and ships go by without any of them stopping. Crusoe manages to live a peaceful life, a life that passes by in the distance, ,like a ship on the high seas.

Recommended age: families


The Ulterior Journey (El viaje ulterior)

23 December, 12 noon

The Titiritantes Company

This is an adventure in time, a family show and a spectacular, colourful passacaglia that really gets the audience involved in the action. The journey begins in the distant future. Professor Copernicus, a mad scientist who has invented a time machine, Segundo, the disaster-prone petty officer, and Ainé, the fascinating bird-woman, discover three members of a fascinating family from a species of animals up to five metres tall—strange, loveable and playful creatures. Location: Plaza del Arte (Avenida de Moratalaz, 121)

Recommended age: families




Moratalaz Music Band

16 December, 12 noon

Conductor: Francisco Aguado


2nd Moratalaz Cycle of Classical Music

16 December, 7pm

Christmas Concert

Atlántida Chamber Orchestra

Directed by: Manuel Tévar

Programme: Vivaldi, Rheinberger, Pergolesi


Carol Concert

18 December, 6:30pm

Polyphonic Choir of Our Lady of Moratalaz



During the Christmas period, the Royal Postmen will be waiting beside their letterboxes so that the children of the district can post their letters to the Three Kings.

2 and 3 January from 11am to 2:30pm and from 5 to 8:30pm

Market. Calle La Cañada, s/n

EFE Galleries. No. 16 Calle Arroyo de las Pilillas

M2 Market. No. 196 Calle Hacienda de Pavones

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