tres hombres con camisetas rojas de manga corta, gorro de papa Noel rojo y blanco, gafas de sol negras, cada uno con un instrumento musical en las manos


From November 23 to January 6

Avenida del Padre Piquer, 20

The residents of Latina will be able to enjoy a Large Illuminated Christmas Tree during these festive dates


Paco de Lucía Auditorium and Exhibition Hall

No. 2-A Avenida de las Águilas  

Admission: Free




The Dreamers: A Tribute to Disney

22 December, 6pm

Recommended for children over 8 years of age

Music for children. Some songs bring generations together, which is why our show is intended for the whole family! Here you can enjoy live performances of your favourite songs from classic Disney films, carefully chosen so that young and old can sing along to the soundtrack of their dreams, hence our name. We’re The Dreamers.


The Fantastic Nanny (a Tribute to Mary Poppins) (La niñera fantástica (homenaje a Mary Poppins))

27 December, 6pm

Music for children. The PTClam y el Globo Rojo Company

An eccentric governess. A lovable, friendly, dancing chimney sweep. A very special family… Two

children who share wonderful adventures with a magical nanny and learn that money can’t buy happiness.

Recommended age: for all members of the family aged 2 or more


Rockin’ Xmas. A Rock’n’roll Christmas

4 January, 6pm

Music for children. Let’s rock to all your favourite Christmas classics! From Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley, not forgetting the Ramones and Bob Dylan. Nor, for that matter, Raphael, Mariah Carey and the good old Burrito Sabanero.

Recommended for children over 3 years of age




One Soul Gospel Choir

23 December, 7pm

Gospel music is for moments of celebration and church services and it doesn’t get more gospel than this. A varied repertoire of lively gospel and soul songs so the audience can enjoy themselves and sing along to songs they will just love. Enjoy.


Cántame un cuento

10 December, 7pm

The COAM Orchestra (Academic Orchestral Ensemble of Madrid)

A selection of musical stories for children, conducted by Jesús Campo Ibáñez. The repertoire includes such works as Mozart’s The Magic Flute, and Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf as well as some of Tchaikovsky’s ballets and a grand finale of Disney film soundtracks. The concert will also include the première of a piece written by the young composer Víctor Lorente to accompany the story Pablo, the Shivery Penguin (Pablo, el pingüino friolero).


Una Navidad de Película

15 December, 7pm

An extraordinary concert by the Villa de Madrid Music Band, conducted by Alfonso Hidalgo. The main theme of the concert will be classic film soundtracks. We hope you enjoy the music from these great films.

Brought by the Wind (Lo que el viento nos dejó)

16 December, 7pm

A Christmas concert by the music group Ad Libitum Aeternam. Join us on a journey through time with representative works from the 20th century, Romanticism, Classicism and the Baroque period.


Christmas Concert

21 December, 7pm

Christmas concert by the Band and Symphony Orchestra formed by students from the Teresa Berganza Conservatory, conducted by maestros Francisco Sevilla and Anselmo Villarroya.




Cadiz Universe

17 December, 7pm

Flamenco: David Palomar, a cantaor from Cadiz, accompanied on the guitar by Rafael Rodríguez, with Roberto Jaén, art and rhythm, and Anabel Rivera, guest cantaora. The best of the best comes from Cadiz. David Palomar has been called to protect and preserve this legacy. And to stamp his creativity and his cantaora forms on it to continue with the unstoppable evolution of this living art.




Todas las Santas


9 December, 7pm

La Phármaco. This is a work about revolution (political, personal and theatrical), and about the body: about the narrative that a country imposes on each body, and the strategies that bodies invent to survive and not be crushed by that narrative.




Swing Machine Orchestra

3 December, 8pm

Swing music. The first swing string orchestra. The orchestra takes us on a journey through the golden age of swing, performing arrangements of the great big bands led by Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman and Louis Prima, swing versions of classics such as J.S. Bach’s Double Violin Concerto, Scott Joplin’s rags and various adaptations made for this orchestra—the only one of its kind in Europe.


Amy Gaviria Quartet

28 December, 7pm

A cappella music. With a Latin Grammy nomination under her arm, this West Indian singer offers us a concert that takes us from the Rio Bravo to Patagonia, ambitiously embracing the diverse styles and genres of World Music and bringing us closer to Latin American classics in a family and Christmas atmosphere, accompanied by Harold Rey, Ivan Ruiz and Dani Morales.


Aftershave Quartet

29 December, 7pm

A cappella music. In addition to what we might consider to be strictly barbershop music, this quartet presents a concert that includes works from very different musical styles such as soundtracks, musicals, famous crooner songs, classical music, pop-rock, Negro spirituals and Christmas music. Thanks to this diversity and the stage presence of its members, Aftershave’s performances aim to draw audiences into the essence of a cappella music.



Awards Ceremony of the 14th Christmas Carols Competition, Latina District 2023

19 December, 10am

Recommended for children over 3 years of age



Remember (Recuerda)


8 December, 7pm

La Tartana. A look back at the life of an acclaimed puppeteer. Juan Muñoz has delved into his memories to construct a story that narrates the main milestones of his life as a puppeteer and as a person. This new show by La Tartana Company has original texts by Juan Muñoz and Inés Maroto. They remind us that life is a journey worth telling.

Recommended age: adults and families




El Greco Social and Cultural Centre

Calle Greco corner of Calle Villamanín


Al compás de la Navidad

15 December, 7pm

Music: The Partichela Choir. Repertoire related to the birth of Jesus from a multicultural and transnational approach.


Flamenco Carols

22 December, 7pm

Music: Click Flamenco. A repertoire of Christmas carols, their rhythm and origin.


Sara Montiel Cultural Centre

Carretera de Boadilla del Monte, 40 B


Lyrical Christmas Gala

22 December, 7pm

Music: A Christmas Gala of Lyrical music featuring the singing of students from the Teresa Berganza Conservatory conducted by their teachers Julia Ruiz and Cristina Tomescu. The concert will include opera and zarzuela arias as well as

Christmas carols and popular songs.


Fernando de los Ríos Cultural Centre

No. 10 Calle Camarena


Christmas Concert

15 December, 7pm

Choral music: The Fernando de los Ríos Choir and the En clave de Barrio Choir


José Luis Sampedro Cultural Centre

Calle Latina corner of Calle Castroserna


Magerit Choir

15 December, 7pm

Choral music: A Child was born in Bethlehem


Christmas for Three (Una Navidad para tres)

22 December, 7pm

For children: Jason Mantilla Theatre Company. Christmas always makes us more vulnerable and more loving.


Miguel Hernández Cultural Centre

No. 13 Calle Serradilla


La Gloria de la Navidad” presenta

15 December, 7pm

The Glory of Christmas, presents, Zambomba Flamenca.

Where the spontaneity of the artists who simulate a party among friends prevails. In which the songs revolve around the manger and the shepherd boys. The ox, the mule and the kings of the East will not be missing either.


A Different Tradition (Una tradición diferente)

16 December, 12 noon

For children: Trémola Teatro

Recommended for children over 3 years of age


Rosario de Acuña Social Cultural Centre

No. 65 Calle María del Carmen


Brindis de Salas

15 December, 7pm

Music: Chamber music ensemble formed by a group of teachers from professional orchestras and conservatories in the Community of Madrid.


Nona Christmas

22 December, 7pm

Music: Christmas soul, blues and jazz songs sung by Sonia Herrero, accompanied on the piano by Denis Bilanín.


Almirante Churruca Social Cultural Centre

No. 72 Calle Fuente del Tiro


Beto, A Christmas Story (Beto, una historia de Navidad)

16 December, 12 noon

For children: Teatro del Firulete Company. A comedy that combines actors and puppets, live music, action and lots and lots of laughs.

Recommended for children over 3 years of age


Christmas Concert

22 December, 7pm

Music: Adrián Begoña and Benjamín Zafra. A film and music show that takes us through the most charismatic Christmas songs in the history of American movies, performed on the piano by Adrián Begoña and sung by Benjamín Zafra.



27, 28 and 29 December

27 December, from 5 to 8pm

28 December, from 11am to 2:30pm and from 4:30 to 8pm

29 December, from 11am to 2:30pm

Free admission until full capacity is reached.

Activities for children, young people, sports, creative workshops and children's performances.


Gallur Municipal Sports Centre Hall. No. 2 Calle Gallur

Aluche Municipal Sports Centre Hall. No. 14 Avenida de las Águilas



Santo Domingo de Guzmán Parish Church. No. 183 Calle Camarena

19 December, 8pm. Matritum Cantat Choir. Carols from Around the World

Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Campamento Parish Church. Plaza Patricio Martinez, s/n

20 December, 7:30pm. Fernando de los Ríos Choir. Christmas Carols

Santa Cristina Parish Church. No. 32 Paseo de Extremadura

22 December, 8:30pm. Ars Futura Choir. Music at Christmas



3 January, from 12 noon to 2pm and from 5 to 8pm

Tirso de Molina Municipal Market. Calle Doña Urraca, 15

Las Águilas Municipal Market. Calle Blas Cabrera, 125

San Ignacio de Loyola Shopping Centre. Calle Oliva de Plasencia, 1

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