C.C.Casa de Vacas

El tesoro de Barracuda

The A la Sombrita - Teatro de Pocas Luces Company (Andalusia)

2 January, 5:30pm

Recommended for children over 6 years of age

Duration: 50 minutes


This is the story of Captain Barracuda and his pirates, of remote islands, of treasures that are books and books that are treasure. We will travel through the Caribbean, weathering storms, facing villains, dancing at parties and sleeping under the stars. Barracuda and his crew have spent years searching for the famous treasure of the pirate Phineas Krane. But when they do find it, it turns out to be just a book... I ask you. What are a bunch of illiterate pirates going to do with a book? This is the beginning of our story, in which the fiercest pirates in the Caribbean will have to learn to read, and they’ll have to get their act together if they want to finally find the real treasure. Along the way, they will discover so many things that will change their lives forever.

Chispas, the cabin boy on the Southern Cross, Barracuda's pirate galleon, will tell us all about it.

Barracuda. All hands on deck! Prepare to set sail for an adventure!


Blu, historia de una semilla

The Naranja Lima Company (Castilla La Mancha / Valencia)

3 January, 5:30pm

Recommended for children over 4 years of age

Duration: 45 minutes


BLU is a little creature who wants to know what he is. This play is about being born, being reborn, the search for identity and the light we all have within us. This scenic and shadow theatre poem narrates a journey of transformation in which our protagonist will feel fear, doubt, curiosity and also hope.



The Teatro Lafauna Company (Madrid)

4 January, 5:30pm

Recommended for children over 7 years of age

Duration: 45 minutes

Three documentary filmmakers tell how they found the last wolf in the Sierra Morena poisoned. The animal is still fighting a battle within itself: a toxic substance is gradually spreading throughout its organism. “LOVO” is also a story of microscopic and cellular love, a flight with no return that threatens the animal’s very survival. Another endangered species on the verge of extinction, confronting us with our responsibility within the ecosystem that sustains us. Can love subvert the fatal destiny that threatens the characters? How might the habitat itself react in the face of something that threatens its very existence?

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Centro Cultural Casa de Vacas (Retiro)


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  • Metro: Retiro (línea 2)
  • Bus: 2, 20, 28
  • Bicimad: Estación 102 (calle Alcalá, 95), estación 60 (Plaza Independencia, 6)

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