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Taller de sombras con Títeres sin cabeza

The Títeres sin cabeza Company (Aragon)

26 December, 5:30pm

Recommended age: from 6 to 12 years of age (15 places)

Duration: 90 minutes

Free admission: please download your tickets in advance. From 24 December at 10am

Children have so much imagination and creativity! In primary school, they develop the ability to give shape to all kinds of literary texts. Poems, plays, songs… and stories! But what we are proposing is an altogether different activity that will teach them how to create and articulate stories with shadow puppets. We start by analysing some of the best-known stories and then we sort out the beginning, the middle and the end. That allows us to channel all their magic and capture it on the screen with silhouettes in order to tell a story. We offer the children the opportunity to explore the magic of light, translucent colours and shadows without forgetting the element of surprise with which all children never cease to amaze us, thanks to their inventiveness and childlike imagination.


Taller de creación de títeres con material reciclado

La Tartana Company (Madrid)

27 and 28 December, 5:30pm

Recommended age: from 6 to 10 years of age (12 places)

Duration: 2 hours

Admission is free. Please download your free tickets from 10am on 25 December.


In this creative workshop we use recycled materials to make fun puppets and objects. Cut, paste, paint... DIY! At the end of the day, we’ll enjoy a storytelling session based on the characters we’ve made in the workshop. This activity promotes creativity and imagination, encourages children to recycle, and makes us aware of the huge amount of waste we produce. Discover materials, take part in their transformation process, explore tools for building and creating and, above all, get ready to have fun and enjoy yourself. Let’s get to work! Led by Inés Maroto, from the La Tartana company.


Amalia y las sombras lunares

The Animamundi Teatre (Catalonia)

29 December, 5:30pm

Recommended for children over 3 years of age. (A maximum of 60 places are available)

Duration: 40 minutes

Admission is free. Please download your free tickets from 10am on 27 December.


Amalia’s world is usually full of light and colour, but sometimes, when she least expects it, a cloud appears out of the blue. It’s so big and dark that it can even block out the sunlight! Amalia is not at all pleased about that and wants to get rid of it. That’s enough now, get out of here! But then Amalia begins to realise that now that the cloud isn’t there any more, her world isn’t what it used to be. Everything starts going wrong without it… I mean, really wrong! Only the moon is up there, shining away in the immense darkness… Who can help bring some order to Amalia’s world before it’s too late? Amalia and the Moonshadows is a play performed with Chinese shadow puppets that talks about the balance of nature and all its elements: the sun and the clouds; the moon and the stars; the Milky Way and all the colours of the rainbow.

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