La Bola de Nieve

La Bola de Nieve

Just like those winter landscapes enclosed in crystal balls that become covered in snow and blanketed in white when you shake them. This is what the creators from Gerona's Brava! interdisciplinary art centre have in mind for Plaza Carabanchel, an interactive installation in which passers-by can press buttons to wake up different animals all dressed up for Christmas.


Fri 15 Dec - Fri 29 Dec 2023

24 Dec & 25 Dec closed

Accessibility type

For reasons beyond the control of the organisers and due to the large number of spectators at certain times during the event, the planned physical accessibility conditions may be modified.

The physical accessibility of the route will be determined by the accessibility of the public road.

Plaza de Carabanchel

Plaza de Carabanchel


Bus: 34, 108


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The Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Madrid City Council facilitates the download of the official poster of the Madrid Christmas Programme 2023 campaign created by Polinho Trapalleiro.

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