Estrella Morente con la Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Madrid

Estrella Morente con la Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Madrid

Estrella Morente is the very embodiment of talent, tradition, rhythm, passion and curiosity. The daughter of the maestro Enrique Morente and the bailaora Aurora Carbonell, she was already singing flamenco songs from the Levante region at the age of four and recorded a taranta with Sabicas himself on guitar when she was seven. Her adolescent voice features on one of her father’s most important albums, Omega, and by the time she was 21 she had already released two best-selling records.

Since then, she has appeared on soundtracks by internationally renowned directors such as Carlos Saura (Buñuel and King Solomon's Table) and Pedro Almodóvar (Volver); she has deservedly received honours such as the Medal of Andalusia, the Ondas Award and the Golden Microphone; she has been appointed Director of the world’s first Chair of Flamenco Studies at the Catholic University of San Antonio in Murcia and, of course, she has never ceased to make music, touring all over the world, collaborating with Paco de Lucía, Pat Metheny and Michael Nyman, among others, and releasing no fewer than ten albums.

Her noontime performance on this Twelfth Day of Christmas with the Municipal Symphonic Band of Madrid, conducted by the maestro Jan Cober, is an opportunity to enjoy an experience in which flamenco takes on a special dimension. It is also a charity event, with all proceeds going to the Aladina Foundation.

Teatro Real


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Metro: Ópera (líneas 2, 5 y Ramal Opera-Príncipe Pío)

Bus: 25, 39

Bicimad: Estación 24 (calle Carlos III, 1)

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