Compañía Luz, micro y punto


Shadow theatre

In Celeste, by the company Luz, micro y punto, we immerse ourselves in stories of fantasy, adventure and love based on Greek mythology: the creation of the Universe, Pegasus riding through the skies, the solitude of the Minotaur in the labyrinth, Penelope weaving by day and by night, and the mischievous arrows of the god Eros. But we won’t be on our own. Lapicera and Tijereta will be there too, making puppets for this shadow theatre show that combines several other performing arts.


2 and 3 December, 1 and 5:30pm

Duration​: 50 minutes

Cineteca Madrid

For the over 5s. Under 12s must be accompanied by an adult

Precio Entrada 3,5€

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Tickets on sale from 27 December

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Cineteca Madrid


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  • Metro: Legazpi (líneas 3 y 6).
  • Bus: 123, 22, 79, 148, 18, 6, 78, 45, 8, 19, 247, 47, 59, 62, 76, 85, 86, 156, 180.
  • Bicimad: Estación 177 (calle Bolívar, 3).


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