Belenes en Salamanca

figuras de los Reyes Magos y un sequito de personajes hacía el Misterio

Emilio Pardo Bazán Cultural Centre

Municipal Council of the District

No. 1 Calle de Goya

From 6 December to 8 January

Mondays to Sundays, from 10am to 2pm and from 4:30pm to 9pm

Christmas nativity scene set up by the Madrid Association of Nativity Scene Makers.


Parroquia de San Bonifacio

No. 2 Calle de Bremen 

The atrium or covered outdoor corridor of the parish church, next to the garden.

From 8 December to 14 January

Mondays to Fridays, from 11:30am to 1pm and from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, from 11am to 2pm and from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

A covered nativity scene, about 12 metres long, which occupies the entire outdoor corridor or atrium of the parish church. It has different levels and each area represents a scene related to the birth of Jesus, according to the Gospels, and it shows moving figures and a river and waterfall. The Mystery is presented in a large grotto.


Basílica Concepción de Nuestra Señora

No. 26 Calle de Goya

Pillar Hall

From 25 December to 7 January

Every day from 11am to 1pm and from 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Youth nativity scene: “Unto us a Saviour is born”.

A nativity scene made by young members of the Basilica to remind us of the essence of Christmas.


Plaza de Felipe II. El Corte Inglés Goya

From 20 November to 6 January, from 10am to 10pm


Plaza de Serrano. El Corte Inglés Serrano, 47

From 3 November to 6 January, from 10am to 10pm

Ten of Spain’s best nativity scene makers, including José Francisco Guilloto, José Ángel Oviedo, José Luis Mayo, the Cerrada brothers and Ana María Moya, have painstakingly carved and hand-painted each of the figures in these three nativity scenes which have been designed by the master artisan and winner of the Trophy of the Spanish Federation of Nativity Scenes, Andrés Fernández García. The same can be said of the buildings, animals, tools and furniture and of the miniature pigeons, pigs, cages, carts, tools, etc. The sand, moss, lichen, lichen and plants used to recreate the landscape are all natural. The LED lighting is designed to accentuate every nuance. The scenes depicted - the Annunciation; the search for the inn in Bethlehem; the Nativity; the Annunciation to the shepherds - are a respectful representation of tradition. Everything in these three El Corte Inglés nativity scenes is made with the utmost care to share with the public of Madrid one of its great Christmas passions.


Parroquia de Los Doce Apóstoles

No. 88, Calle de Velázquez

16, 17, 23, 24, 30 and 31 December, from 12:30pm to 2pm.

15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 29, 30 December, and 2, 3, 4, 5 January, from 5:30pm to 8pm.

An artistic nativity scene that tells the story of the Nativity of Our Lord with special effects and an audiovisual production in sessions that last about 15 minutes, so that young and old alike can discover the Mystery of Christmas.


CC Quinta del Berro. Rafael Altamira

C/ Enrique D´Almonte, 1

Nativity scene

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